We push the envelope…And don’t say “No” a lot….

When serving as a consultant to our architectural clients, we get asked to do some crazy things. CEG is first on our clients’ lists when they want to push the envelope. We secretly enjoy the challenge of making the impossible…possible. If what you are used to is stubborn resistance to achieving your vision, give us a try for something different.

When working with an architect, we find solutions to achieve their vision, while meeting the owner’s budget. It can mean helping to find a way to artfully express structure and solve programming problems seamlessly, or simply help to deliver a safe, cost efficient project. We understand what drives architects and their creative needs. You are saddled with tight budgets both for design and construction, and endless constraints of codes, owner requirements and schedule. We are familiar with every common structural system out there —and, a whole bunch of uncommon ones. We will push the envelope to find the right solution, and surprisingly, can be more creative than you might expect. Challenge us, we love it!

Are you an architect in need of a creative engineering solutions or envelope-pushing? Contact us to learn more about our work with architects.

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