Key :1 [kee] noun

  1. something that affords a means of access: the key to happiness
  2. something that secures or controls entrance to a place.
Carney Engineering Group Holds the Key to Technology:

A staff of professional engineers and structural specialists need the right hardware and software to deliver the best product creatively and efficiently. We are well known as industry leaders incorporating Building Information Modeling (BIM) into structural engineering projects to improve project delivery and service to our clients. Our team provides solutions for architectural firms, steel fabricators, building owners and contractors, and includes knowledgeable and trusted experts who have developed more than 100 BIM projects, including millions of square-feet of BIM coordinated models. We use technology to help create engineering solutions, including a full suite of innovative BIM software:

  • Autodesk® Revit® Structure
  • Tekla® Structures
  • Navisworks Manage
  • Asteel 3D
  • RISA¬≠3D

We believe technology can allow for significant improvements to our work when utilized correctly. However, we also believe that steel is steel, and concrete is concrete, and doesn’t know if really cool software designed it. In other words, great software does not always equal great engineering. The magic lies in knowing how to leverage technology, but not lose sight of the basic engineering and common sense.