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Structural Engineering

If it looks and smells like a structure, you can bet Carney Engineering Group has worked with it at some point during our professional experience. We are licensed to perform Structural Engineering throughout the eastern United States, and can become licensed in other states when necessary. We work on projects big and small, but really enjoy the difficult ones. Our team incorporates our mission of applying BIM (Building Information Modeling) to every project, and was a very early adopter in the transition to a 3D-Model based approach to design and construction.

We work with architects, fabricators, builders and owners.

Architects need artful solutions to achieve a vision and meet the owner’s budget. This can mean providing a creative way to a express structure and solve programming problems seamlessly, or, simply helping to deliver a safe, cost efficient project. We understand what drives our architectural clients and know how to work with them. We are familiar with every common structural system out there, and a whole bunch of uncommon ones. We push the envelope to find the right solution, and surprisingly, can be more creative than you might expect. Challenge us…we love it.

Builders, we know your pain. We have successfully delivered on our commitments to our builders for years—on time, and with a passion about constructability. We know there are six ways to skin every cat, but are driven to find the fastest and least expensive option. We treat your structural problems as personal challenges, and can deliver on the most demanding schedules (our references will attest to that!) Even if we didn’t design your job, we can help build it. We are the defacto in-house engineering department for many top quality builders. Let us be your expert and improve your ability to compete in today’s hyper-competitive market.

Owners, you have a lot on your plate. Let us take the structural issues off of it. We know how to design, bid, oversee and manage all aspects of your structural projects. We have experience working with the many constraints you are faced with, and know how to make the process seamless. We understand production is king, and can work around its demands whether it is a forensic investigation of a problem or a new equipment installation, we can handle it. We have worked for mom-and-pop shops and Fortune 500 companies, and can help you as well.

Every project we approach is both unique and routine at the same time. Our process allows us to streamline the routine, and invest our knowledge in solving the unique issues your project presents. While we love to provide Structural Engineering on your project, what really gets us fired up is when we can integrate it with our other services such as BIM and Structural Special Inspections.