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Steel Detailing

The best (or worst) designs mean nothing until they have been detailed. The disconnect between the structural engineering community and the reality of construction and fabrication has deteriorated rapidly over the last 20 years. The translation of structural steel design documents into shop drawings is one of the most important steps in the construction of a project. Without the steel, there is nowhere to hang the ductwork, electrical systems and finishing elements of a building. The delivery of this item is often delegated, and can become the roadblock to an entire project’s schedule.

At Carney Engineering Group, we utilize state-of-the art BIM and 3D steel detailing software in tandem with in-house professional structural engineers and selected partner firms to provide steel connection design and shop drawings, streamlining the process between design, fabrication and erection.

Our common-sense approach to connection design and fabrication ensures fabricators receive the important functional and economical details.

Our Steel Detailing projects are modeled in Tekla Structures to provide a 3D view of the design to provide an orbital view of the design concept, with all connections shown, to ensure that the project is thought through and buildable. All drawings are individually checked for compliance to your shop standards and can be sealed by our in-house Engineers if required by contract specifications. Our software provides the necessary CNC data and material nesting files supporting today’s automated fabricating machinery.

CEG’s steel detailing capabilities include:
  • BIM 3D-modeling allowing shared files over all construction disciplines
  • Steel bridge 3D-modeling, design, and detailing per AASHTO/NSBA standards and guidelines
  • Hip and valley construction
  • Sloping, skewed, curved complex geometric structures
  • Truss, girder design and detail
  • Platework, bins, hoppers, ductwork and conveyor systems
  • Miscellaneous items:
    • Stairs, rails, platforms, catwalks, ladders
    • Tilt-up concrete panel design and details
    • Review of shop drawings for AISC and contract compliance
    • Detailing in Tekla Structures and AutoCAD

Download our Steel Detailing Info Sheet