Steel Connection Engineering

Picture of York College FieldhouseSome question the difference between structural engineering and steel connection engineering. Any fabricator or builder can tell you just how critical the connections are to the function, fit up and economy ofa steel framed building. They can also tell horror stories of EOR’s who did not understand connections, and saddle projects with unbuildable, expensive and illogical connections. Carney Engineering Group is not one of those EOR’s.

Our staff has provided connection engineering services for over ten years on projects as large as 7,000 ton. We’ve developed in-house AISC-compliant steel design software that enables us to provide engineering services efficiently and cost effectively while incorporating your shop preferences. We speak the language, and can take unbuildable situations and turn them into projects everyone on the team is happy with.

Our team produces clean and organized submittal packages in tabular format with standard Word document sample calculations that can be sent ahead of time to speed the approval process. We also generate concise and easy-to-follow “detailer packages” that contain all of the information a detailer would need. At the end of the day, approval is what allows fabricators to move forward with their work. We understand that, and are very familiar with “impossible” schedules, incomplete contract docs, conflicting specifications and all the other barriers to success.

Our team holds professional licenses in over a dozen states spanning the East Coast, and maintains NCEES records for connection design engineers to become licensed quickly if required.

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