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Building Information Modeling: Changing the Industry

BIM has the changed the construction industry irrevocably, and CEG was there from the start. We are BIM evangelists, incorporating BIM into every project that goes out the door—and have since it was barely a buzzword. If you don’t feel comfortable with BIM yet, rest assured we do, and can help. Our BIM experts have developed more than 100 BIM projects and millions of square-feet of BIM coordinated models utilizing a full suite of BIM software (Autodesk Revit® Software and Tekla® Structures Software) for government agencies, architectural firms, engineering consultants, building owners, general contractors, trade or subcontractors and facility managers. We have modeled and constructed hundreds of buildings, modeled buildings for clients after they were built, and provided modeling services to trade contractors who are being required to submit data on BIM projects. Let us take the mystery out of BIM for you.

What does BIM mean for you?
  1. A chance to "build" the job twice, eliminating conflicts in the office, not wrestling with them in the field.
  2. Better visualization, providing a clearer understanding of the project, and avoiding conflicts.
  3. A data-rich model, suitable for use for quantity estimation, and as an input for fabrication modeling.

Carney Engineering’s BIM Services include:
  • Structural Modeling: Modeling and engineering of all primary structural materials including steel, concrete, masonry, wood, aluminum and light-gage steel.
  • Non-Structural Modeling: Modeling of non-structural primary elements, including walls, ceilings and curtain walls.
  • Structural Fabrication Modeling: Fabrication models for structural and miscellaneous steel and aluminum and concrete reinforcing bars, including miscellaneous engineering services as required. Deliverables include both PDF/paper drawings as well as CNC files for automated fabrication.
  • BIM Coordination: Merging and coordination of building models from subcontractors and designers, including clash detection.
  • 3D Modeling and Visualization: Creating shop drawings and visualizations of environments to allow you to see the best way to build on your site.
  • Existing Conditions Modeling: Modeling of existing buildings, utilizing HD laser scan and point clouds, existing building documents, or field measured data.

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