If walls could talk …. (they can!)

We know we deliver high-quality work on budget and on-time (plus, we have fun!) We don’t need to tell you why you should work with Carney Engineering Group…our clients will.

“At Kinsley Manufacturing we recommend Carney Engineering Group, Inc. for all our projects. They understand your needs and produce in a timely manner. The range of services that they provide is great and they can handle everything that we need to complete a project. The group of men and women at Carney Engineering are a great team of people to work with and blend in with our team to produce successful jobs.”

Bobby ChenaultGeneral Manager
Kinsley Manufacturing


“What I expect from an engineering company:

  1. Ease of contact. If I can’t reach you, I don’t need you.
  2. Reaction speed. If you don’t respond rapidly, you have wasted my time.
  3. Clarity and function of design. If the people in the field need college degrees to understand it, the value is zero.
  4. Honesty. If there is a problem, identify it and say so.
  5. Follow through. Anybody can start something. The engineer I need will stick with me past the end of the project.

This is what I expect, and this is what I get from Carney Engineering Group every time!”

Field Supervisor
Top 10 Domestic Commercial Building Contractor


“My experience working with Josh Carney over the past 10 years is why CEG is my structural engineer of choice. With Josh leading the way, CEG’s attention to detail and ability to consistently meet deadlines makes them a very valuable part of our design team.”

Troy Bankert, AIA - Senior Project Manager