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Carney Culture: Edgy and We Know It…

If what you are expecting is a bunch of guys in short-sleeved white shirts with thin fabric and a bunch of pens in their pockets, you will be disappointed (except for the pen thing – we are guilty there!) Our culture can be described as intense but laid back. We are incredibly driven, but not in that irritating way that no one likes. We are intensely focused on our customer’s needs and expectations, but we also love a good barbecue and beer with our clients (many of which we consider to be friends.) Our culture plays an important role in our ability to continue growing and to become one of the region’s top structural engineering firms. Our goal is to be a great place to work and to be an indispensable resource to our clients.

We work hard and we have a good time doing it, but we also have principles that guide us daily to ensure we are accountable to our clients, deliver creative solutions and enjoy our work life together as a team.

  • People: Talent matters. We recruit the top talent in our industry and provide them with an environment where they can grow and excel.
  • Accountability: We are accountable for our actions with no excuses, claiming credit for our mistakes as loudly as our successes.
  • Reliability: We do what we say we’ll do, period.
  • Honesty: The truth is everything, even if it is difficult to hear. We are committed to scrupulous honesty with our employees, clients and other team members.
  • Creativity: We do not settle for the easy answer, we think creatively to find the best answer.
  • Knowledge: We never stop learning. Our teachers are our clients, our competitors and our builders.
  • Collaboration: Working with other talented people makes everyone better. We work as an effective team member with all project stakeholders.
  • Innovation: We are not afraid of new technology or new approaches to our work. When a change allows us to significantly improve our work or service, we adopt it quickly.
  • Simplicity: There is elegance in simplicity. We do not over-think or over-complicate problems. A clean elegant solution is a thing of beauty, and usually costs less!
  • Sustainability is no joke. It is about delivering a healthier, more livable world to our children. It is our fundamental responsibility not to forget this.
  • Fun. No matter what, there is always time for laughter, food, drink and kids. These are what life is all about. We are never too busy to barbeque!

Community Oriented

We live in our community, and we want to make it the best for our children and future generations. We understand and are committed to our responsibility to serve, and give time, resources, and talents back to those in need and other great causes. Carney Engineering Group supports a variety of causes, and encourages our employees to do the same. We back this belief with commitments of expertise, finances and volunteering.

Interested in Joining Our Team?

Convinced? Learn about opportunities to join our team! Check out employment opportunities and college relations to join our team.